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Freeing up school administrators to focus on education.

We snip through the red tape to help you save money while ensuring you are always in compliance and enacting best accounting practices. The best part is: you always remain in charge of the process. Look at us as another set of helping hands to get your school to where you want it to be.

Our services team provides each charter school with the specific operational and business office support they most need when they most need it.

What We Can Do For Your School

Creating Your Charter School

If you can Dream It, you can Do It! Students need great education all over the country, and it takes visionary leaders to plant the seeds for future charter schools.

Launching Your Charter School

Congratulations! Your charter was approved. You are now an entrepreneur and an educator! Don’t reinvent the wheel when you have resources and services here to help.

Operating Your Charter School

Operating a charter school as efficiently and effectively as possible allows you to spend more resources in the classroom and less on the business office.

Growing Your Charter School

From submitting your charter renewal documents to audit support, financing your dream campus, or expanding into new grade levels and communities, we are here to help.

Free Technical Assistance

Learn from charter school Industry leaders by visiting our Charter Support Unit. FREE resource library, webinars, sample documents and one-on-one technical assistance.

School Services

Building Hope works closely with each school client to provide the support and services that are right for your school and your administrators.

Building Hope's Impact

We invite you to explore the IMPACT of Building Hope’s work with charter school partners around the country:

No Experience, No Problem

True North had funding but needed the know-how to make the dream classical school come true. Building Hope Services and the Charter School Support Unit stepped up to share their expertise.

Our Services Team team supports charter school leaders and staff, so charter schools can best serve the students.

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Creating Your Charter School

Launching a new educational option for students is a rewarding and important part of ensuring families have choice and students have opportunity to access the best.

The application process can feel overwhelming, but we are here to help. From one-on-one coaching to providing an unparalleled bank of resources for you to explore at the Charter Support Unit, you have a community of charter school leaders willing and able to help.

Whether it is budgeting, finding board members, setting up systems, identifying potential locations, or learning more about your state’s laws, compliance and processes for submitting applications, we can connect you with the right resources.

Launching Your Charter School

Our nationwide Launch Year Program through the Charter School Support Unit can connect you with a brain trust of charter leaders and wealth of resources to support your launch.

Our nonprofit Services team can help you set up your operations with the most competitive rates and efficient systems to ensure the business education is handled effectively.

We help you to make sure your financial bottom line and district compliance are on point from the start.

Operating Your Charter School

Operating a Charter School requires an entrepreneur spirit, business savvy, as well as a visionary and effective educational program!

Spending too much time with the business office can leave you less time perfecting the educational model, working with staff and teachers, and helping students. Our services team are experts in Charter School business and compliance who can provide expertise and professional support at nonprofit rates.

Grant & National School Lunch Program management, Student Lottery & Registration systems, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Audit support, HR Services: Onboarding, Payroll, Benefits and more.

Growing Your Charter School

Congratulations! Your school is changing lives of students daily, and it’s time to add grades, expand your capacity, create a permanent home for your school, or launch another location.

Our Services, Finance, and Real Estate teams are at your service to help bring more great education to more students. We make affording the dream facility feasible with a financing structure that grows with your enrollment and creates a pathway to ownership that works within a school’s budget. When it is time to move from leasing to purchasing, our Financial Advisory Services provide sage guidance on the best options for your school.

As a nonprofit with nearly twenty years of relationship-building and expertise, our connections become your connections to get the best deal and the most customized campus to serve your community.

Submission Successful!

Thank you for trusting Building Hope with your community’s unique needs. We are excited to learn more about your charter school project and how we can partner to create opportunities for children.