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Expert financing solutions for charter school facilities.

Our finance team works with impact-minded investors to help schools spend less on fees and interest, so they can dedicate more resources to the classroom.

What We Can Do For Your School

For nearly twenty years, our team has created custom financial solutions to meet each charter school’s unique needs. We work with your team to craft the best terms and rates for your school, whether you are financing a new construction project, purchasing or refinancing your existing facility, or need an operational loan to cover your needs while you await your bond. Our expertise is charter schools, and we are here to guide you to the best solution for your school.

Direct Lending

We loan money to charter schools directly to create customized solutions for each charter school’s particular financing needs.

Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are tools to ensure charter school operators experience minimal impact when there are pauses or fluctuations in financial markets, or construction delays.

Bond Transactions

Since 2014, Building Hope has provided Financial Advising Services as a Registered Municipal Advisor to schools considering bond financing. The complex nature of bonds requires unbiased support and experience. 

Credit Enhancements

Negotiating favorable terms for a rental facility or permanent school home can require the support of a credit enhancement or loan guarantee from the non-profit leader in charter school financing, facilities, and services.

School Financing

Building Hope works closely with each school client to design a financing solution that is right for your needs and your school

Full Service

They turned around and said, 'We don't want to lend you a million dollars. We want to put down ten million to buy the building, get it in shape, and in five years, we want to give you the opportunity to buy it yourself'

Kelly Davenport
CEO & Co-Founder, Freire Schools
Philadelphia, PA

Building Hope's Impact

We invite you to explore the IMPACT of Building Hope’s work with charter school partners around the country:

From Dream to Done!

Building Hope supported Tech Freire’s dream to own their own school. With a $10 million low interest loan Tech Freire created the school of their dreams.

Our Finance Team team supports charter school leaders and staff, so charter schools can best serve the students.

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Our experts in charter school finance work with fellow impact lenders to create financing packages to best serve each school’s unique needs. We take a senior or subordinated equity position, making sure charter schools are covered if they need us to be the first money in or the last money in to secure a deal favorable to the school.

Loan terms are from 3-25 years, and we help navigate New Market Tax Credits, USDA Loans, and other Grant Funding with the goal of securing the best possible terms and rates for charter schools.


Charter Schools may need a hand covering short-term expenses while markets and processes stabilize. As the leader in this space, we are positioned to execute quickly and effectively for charter schools across the country.


Our Financial Advisor team is dedicated to creating the best possible financial solutions for charter schools.

Owning your own facility gives your organization long-term stability and security. When you can dedicate less dollars towards rent, fees, and interest, you have more dollars to elevate the educational experience for students.


Charter schools often need support when venturing into new financial territory, like renting or purchasing a school facility.

As a non-profit organization with an almost 20-year history and a well-deserved reputation for integrity and financial stability, we can provide credit enhancements and loan guarantees for charter schools. Our support helps charter schools secure better rates and terms, so they can secure an affordable facility to launch or expand their educational programs.

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Thank you for trusting Building Hope with your community’s unique needs. We are excited to learn more about your charter school project and how we can partner to create opportunities for children.