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Free service dedicated to supporting public charter schools.

Building Hope powers the Charter Support Unit (CSU), the most trusted resource in charter school technical advice and support. The Grant-funded Charter Support Unit provides a host of training, services, and resources free-of-charge to charter schools across the country.

Building Hope contracted with the Florida Department of Education in 2012 to develop the Charter Support Unit [CSU] to provide targeted and just-in-time no-cost support to new charter schools throughout the state of Florida. 

Since then, the CSU has expanded to provide services nationwide. 

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Planning & Launching

Board & Governance

Facilities Planning

Finance & Budgeting

Grant Admin & Compliance

School Operations

The CSU offers:

From the school leader who is just writing her first charter school application to seasoned public charter schools who are ready to expand, CSU experts advise from their vast experience and give leaders the helping hand they need when applying for the next step. From establishing models for boards and governance, planning out your facility needs, ensuring compliance and administering grants, the CSU can support your school.

Online training opportunities and a robust library of resources is at your fingertips at the Charter Support Unit. If you are looking for one-on-one consulting for your charter school’s specific needs, please reach out. Wherever you are in your charter school’s development, the CSU is there for you.

Contact Charter Support Unit

Toll-Free National Hotline

(888) 677-9250

Curtis Fuller
(727) 286-3185

Trisha Leitem
(850) 848-4757

Christine Mentis
(754) 247-4333 | Ext. 2411

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