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BH Services

You help your students hit the books. We’ll handle the bookkeeping.

Everyday administrative tasks and details are as necessary to operating a charter school as they are for any business with a multi-million-dollar budget. But charter schools need to focus their time, resources, and especially staff on educating students. Building Hope Services invites you to let us manage these back-office services on your school’s behalf, so you can concentrate on running a school.

What We Can Do for Your School


We can process invoices, file financial reports with your board and authorizer, and help develop budgets. Our online portal makes it easy for schools.

Human Resources

We can process payroll, maintain staff compensation and benefits packages, and other HR functions.

Policy and Compliance

We’ll help develop and enforce policies and procedures that comply with state and federal requirements.

National School Lunch Program

We can provide assistance with paperwork, RFPs, and verifications for free and reduced-price meal service.

Third-Party Coordination

Building Hope Services will coordinate with third-party vendors on their services (technology, repairs, legal, etc.). 

Our Purchasing Program for air and surface purifying technology secures significant savings to support healthier schools

School Start-up

Opening a new school is an enormous task. Building Hope provides pro-bono technical assistance to the founding group to successfully open. 

Grant Management

Many charter schools are fortunate to receive grant money such as the federal Charter Schools Program (CSP) grant. Building Hope can assist with the grant process, managing reimbursement requests and helping ensure the school is in compliance. 

Financial Advisory Services

In addition to direct financing of building projects, we can arrange and advise schools on complex bond financing, securing the lowest rates available in the capital markets. Since 2015, when Building Hope became licensed as a Registered Municipal Advisor, we have been arranging low-cost, tax-exempt financing for charter schools.

Charter Application & Review

We can assist with the development of all components of a school’s charter application, from the proposed curriculum and assessment to operations. We can also review your application and suggest ways to strengthen it.

Please visit Charter Support Unit: A free service dedicated to helping support public charter schools.

School Services

Building Hope works closely with each school client to provide the support and services that are right for your school and your administrators.

Charter Support Unit

The Charter Support Unit (CSU) originated in Florida as a state initiative to provide free consultation on administrative and operational needs for start-up charter schools. The state engaged Building Hope to operate the CSU. In 2018, Building Hope received a Charter Schools Program grant from the US Department of Education to expand the Unit’s services to New York, Washington DC, Texas, and rural schools across the country.

Depending on where your school is located, the CSU offers a range of short-term, intensive, and targeted supports for start-up and newer charter schools. Staffed by professionals with expertise in curriculum, instruction, finance, governance and leadership, the CSU reviews and evaluates curricula, maintains an archive of sample documents and templates, and operates a hotline for one-on-one consultations.

Our Impact

Renovation or new construction, Building Hope works closely with each school client to design a building that is right for your needs and your students.
Highlighted below are a few of our completed projects across the country.

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