1. IMPACT: Are there measurable results? Is the IMPACT diverse and deep?
  2. PROGRAM: Is the program inclusive, effective, and focused.
  3. LEADERSHIP: Can the leader articulate the need and impact of the effort? Is the leader a model of integrity and commitment?
  4. SUPPORT: Is there third-party research, votes, and testimonial support for the effort from a variety of sources (including students)?



Charter Schools who understand innovation is creating new, fresh, and out-of-any-box programs and services for students are the targets for this grant. True growth and innovation requires risk-taking and focused determination to achieve. These schools demonstrate that nothing is impossible.

The ideal Educational Innovation IMPACT school will live and breathe the innovative approach throughout the entire school and be able to showcase the approach’s effectiveness.

Model Schools…

  • Serve students by pushing the boundaries and taking risks
  • Expand the foundation of what works into unexplored opportunities
  • Create self-motivated, engaged learners and graduates give credit to the program
  • Encourage students to be creative, learn from failure, adapt to difficult situations and create new pathways of learning
  • Welcome new concepts are welcomed and encouraged
  • Provide academic research, comparative studies, and anecdotal evidence all serve to support the validity of the school’s program


The ideal leader is a model of integrity, is generous with nurturing and developing other leaders, and who understands that innovative education is rooted in the success and happiness of each student.


Community Engagement Grants

One $20,000 grant & Two $10,000 grants

Charter schools that engage local communities in partnership and shared purpose to make their corner of the world a better place are ideal candidates.

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Student Empowerment Grants

One $20,000 grant & Two $10,000 grants

Charter schools that empower students to be creators of their own futures by providing effective support and programs for each individual student are candidates.

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Educational Innovation Grants

One $20,000 grant & Two $10,000 grants

Charter schools that play outside "the box" and take risks to best prepare the students of today for the world of tomorrow.


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IMPACT AWARD for Individual Charter School Volunteers

Shellie-Ann Braswell “Shine Brighter” Award

Two $5,000 Grants named in honor of a dedicated volunteer leader who led with love and made everything around her shine brighter. This award recognizes two charter school volunteers who embody the spirit and is making memories for charter school families to cherish.

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“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.”

~ Dalai Lama