Risk Strategies Ensures Healthy Solutions for Charter Schools

Determined to stretch every precious education dollar, Risk Strategies brings a quarter-century’s worth of experience researching and refining solutions that meet the unique requirements of scholarly institutions.

Nothing that happens on campus misses Risk Strategies’ sharp eye. Student health and wellness? Institutional risk management? Robust benefits programs for faculty and staff? Risk Strategies has been there and done that.

By promoting the health and wellbeing of students, faculty, and staff, and mitigating potential liabilities, Risk Strategies rewards its clients’ bottom line.

Risk Strategies’ commitment to education excellence is reflected in its sponsorship of the Building Hope IMPACT Awards at a platinum level for the second consecutive year.

“Our sponsorship creates a unique platform for us to take our expertise and really give back to such a noble cause as education of the youth, of the future,” says Nick Valverde, Risk Strategies managing director.

“Charter schools do an excellent job filling that gap between over-filled public schools and unaffordable private schools, so any dollars that we’re able to save these schools and, in a sense, put back into the system to educate our youth.”

In its 25th year, Risk Strategies continues to build on the success of its founding premise — that an insurance brokerage can be, and do, more. A proven risk-management advisor and industry partner, the Risk Management family provides solutions to complex challenges with an options-rich toolbox powered by innovative specialists.

The Risk Management mission is straightforward: Help clients protect what matters most to them by strategically understanding their objectives and delivering the right solutions for them.

The ninth-largest privately held insurance broker in the United States, Risk Strategies offers more than 30 specialty practices providing:

Property and casualty

Employee benefits

Private client services

Consulting and actuarial services

Financial and wealth services

Employing a diverse team of more than 4,000 and operating from 150-plus regional locations, Risk Strategies is devoted to identifying location-specific remedies to clients across a breathtaking array of industries ranging from architects and engineers to entertainment and fine art to financial services, healthcare, transportation, to waste management and recycling — to name only a few.

Indeed, education is a key star in the constellation of Risk Strategies industries. Company analysts collaborate with clients from the Ivy League to rural charter schools to mitigate difficulties that arise from costly health insurance premiums; behavioral health concerns harming college students; cyber-attacks; abuse of social media, freedom of speech conflicts and campus unrest; and threats to existing facilities, new construction, renovations and intellectual property.

“Our involvement helps us get the message out there to all the participants, everyone that’s involved, of the good work we’re doing together with Building Hope,” Valverde says.

“We think of Building Hope not just as a resource for all the services they provide, but also as a conduit to other relationships that can help all these charter schools.”

Risk Strategies – Top Nationwide Specialty Insurance Broker (risk-strategies.com)

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William Fay

Bill Fay is a freelance writer supplying content for the communication outlets Building Hope uses to promote and expand charter school programs in the U.S. Bill started his career as a sports writer for the Tampa Tribune and Associated Press. He has written about Super Bowls, NBA Finals and college football, basketball and baseball championships. He has turned his attention to more serious subjects like public transportation, personal finance and now, education. He welcomes opportunities to learn more from the charter school audience and become a voice for their community.