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Place-Based Charters

Place-Based Charters

Paul Morrissey, Founder and Director of Compass Rose

Compass Rose Academy, a charter school based in San Antonio, TX, is poised for exponential growth. Paul Morrissey shares the inspiration for his educational career, his unique parent-engagement strategies, and his advice for new charter school leaders.

Joe Bruno

Paul Morrissey
Founder & Director, Compass Rose Academy

The Founder and Director of San Antonio’s successful Compass Rose Academy pushes for excellence by raising the bar on education. His “high expectations, productive struggle, and fanatical support” pillars lift the students and staff to reach that bar. 


Think critically about who you bring into your team.

1) Hire someone who has the same vision for instruction & curriculum as you do.
2) Hire someone who is excellent at finding talent/hiring.
3) Hire a team of full time student recruiters – your “boots on the ground” to get the word out about your school.

– Paul Morrissey

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