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Planning for Reopening Schools

Planning for Reopening Schools

Eric Tucker (Brooklyn Lab School ) and Tricia Forrest (UPC)

Eric Tucker, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools and Tricia Forrest, Partner & Project Manager of Urban Projects Collaborative, LLC (UPC) join Dru Damico on Charter Conversations to dive into considerations needed for a comprehensive back-to-school-plan and an introduction to their Back-to-School toolkit to help leaders determine best practices for their schools.

This Webisode aired on Thursday, July 30, 2020.

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Joseph Khoury

Tricia Forrest
Partner & Project Manager, Urban Projects Collaborative, LLC (UPC)

Tricia Forrest is a Partner and Project Manager at Urban Projects Collaborative, LLC (UPC) with over 15 years’ experience in project management, operations and strategy, having worked with firms dedicated to design, owners representation and professional management services. Tricia leads UPC’s K-12 education practice and has worked on new schools and renovation projects throughout the New York region. She has a B.A. In International Business, Management & Finance and an MS in Economics, Global Business and Finance.

Raj Setty

Eric Tucker
Co-Founder & Executive Director, Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools

Eric currently leads the game-changing Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools (, which trains the next generation of leaders to become agents of change in their communities. The schools have spearheaded Equity by Design (, which promotes equitable design and is providing deep insight into best practices for back-to-school efforts from the facilities and instructional standpoints.

Brooklyn Lab School Rendering
Back2School Facilities Toolkit

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