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Relationships & Long-Term Impact

Relationships & Long-Term Impact

Joe Bruno, President of Building Hope Holdings

Joe has led Building Hope, the impact-driven charter school financing, development, and services industry stalwart, since 2003. In this episode, Joe shares how relationship-building is the foundation for lasting, positive change and how education remains the key to freedom for students today.

Joe Bruno

S. Joseph Bruno
President, Building Hope Holdings

Founder & CEO of the industry-leader in charter school financing, facilities, and services, Joe brings 40 years of financial, accounting, and management experience to creating more capacity for charter schools. His belief that “education is freedom” drives the organization’s mission and continues to improve the lives and increase the opportunity of students nationwide.

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No One-Size-Fits All

It isn’t a one-on-one relationship. It’s an organization-to-organization relationship.

– Joe Bruno

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