Utilizing Expertise to Serve the Community

Corporate giving, at its best, focuses on improving lives and creating new opportunities for growth in underserved and neglected communities. Recently, one of MCN Build’s Assistant Project Managers, Pranav Kulkarni, approached MCN team leaders about how he might donate his time as a tutor and mentor to students in his chosen field of engineering. Connecting him with […]

IMPACT: The Metrics of the Heart

Impact is an inside job. In the non-profit and education worlds, there is increasing attention on measuring the success of our efforts in data as proof of impact. Serve 100 kids in 99% Free-and-Reduced-Lunch neighborhoods, and the equation that you are making an impact in their lives is undeniable. Data is important, as is an […]

Technology to Go Back to School…Safely

Our mission at Building Hope is to strengthen the capacity of charter schools nationwide by providing unparalleled facilities, financial, and operational services, so schools can focus on devoting more resources to educating students in underserved communities. We believe in the promise of school choice and charter schools, and we are committed to turning ideas and […]

How to Slow the Transmission of Viruses in your School Building

As everyone grapples with where to start hardening their building and making it ready for re-opening, there are some simple things to do. I won’t cover the basics like sanitizers or limiting occupancy in elevators but will focus on how to slow the transmission of viruses in your building and delve into how to improve […]

Strategies for A Safe School Reopening

On a recent episode of Charter Conversations, Building Hope’s video series for charter school leaders, Tricia Forrest, partner and project manager at Urban Projects Collaborative in New York City, talked about considerations for schools as they seek to reopen safely and protect their communities from COVID-19. Here, Tricia goes deeper on the topic, sharing resources UPC has developed […]

Getting Back to Normal, Or Going Beyond?

Right now, amid the pandemic, the chorus of “get back to normal” is like a siren call to a past that we should no longer embrace. It has led us to the notion that we have to make a decision between the well-being and safety of our teachers and children vs. total economic collapse. That […]