Education is Purple

As the Chief Marketing Officer, I’m tasked with creating shiny pitch lines like, “We build communities. We build schools. We build hope,” but what makes it so meaningful is that it is 100% true. I was a client before I signed on for the big show, and I would tell everyone within earshot that Building […]

Let’s Talk About Allyship: A Key Piece of the Puzzle

The pandemic has had devastating impacts on student learning and well-being. Over the last two years, schools have faced shutdowns, distance learning, and severe staff shortages. Furthermore, students and educators continue to struggle with mental health challenges and concerns about learning loss. As schools navigate the “new normal” reality of a lingering pandemic, how can […]

Shine Brighter: Three Stories of How to Lead With Love

The Shellie-Ann Braswell “Shine Brighter” award is named after a woman who was an amazing volunteer, mother, wife, friend, professional, community leader, and loving person who made every effort she was involved with, shine brighter. Building Hope, ShinePR, and Shellie’s husband Allie Braswell have come together to sponsor grants to shine a light on the […]

Community Engagement: Proactively Involving Families and Cities in Education

Effective community engagement is integral to helping charter schools thrive where they are planted. A school’s impact on both its internal community of families and educators, as well as its impact on the local external community can create a vibrant and supportive culture. To highlight how important charter schools are to their communities, Building Hope […]

Educational Innovation: What It Means to Think Like There Is No Box

Innovation is the lifeblood of charter schools. To succeed, it takes imagination, perseverance, and insight. Picking out the best innovators is almost as big of a challenge. Just ask Amy Ruck-Kagan, who helped judge those entries for the Building Hope Impact and Summit Awards. “Oh, my God,” she said. “They’re all great. You can’t go […]

Student Empowerment: Opening the Door for Students to Lead the Way

Webster’s dictionary has a good definition of empowered – having the knowledge, confidence, means or ability to do things or make decisions for oneself – but they haven’t gotten around to putting the word “student” in front of that. But some charter schools have and Building Hope has identified a bumper crop of schools who […]