Model Charters Display Innovation, Engagement and Empowerment  

When selection committee members from the Building Hope IMPACT Awards finished their work in 2022, they realized they might need one more category of schools to celebrate. They received feedback that charter schools wanted examples of overall excellence, they knew they had to make it happen. A year later, they have that category — the […]

New Florida Charter Institute to Support Innovation in Education

Do you know what role authorizers play in approving charter school applications? Are you up to date with data on how the most successful charter schools operate? Are your school’s teachers and administrators participating in training workshops to improve student outcomes? Good news! The Florida Charter Institute is going to provide answers to these and […]

Volunteers Make Charter Schools “Shine Brighter”

Want to know what makes a good volunteer at your school? They’re easy to spot. It’s the man or woman you ALWAYS see selling tickets at the door of a school event. Or the person REGULARLY waving kids in-and-out of the carpool pick up line. Or the one CONSTANTLY sitting in a front row seat […]

Risk Strategies Ensures Healthy Solutions for Charter Schools

Determined to stretch every precious education dollar, Risk Strategies brings a quarter-century’s worth of experience researching and refining solutions that meet the unique requirements of scholarly institutions. Nothing that happens on campus misses Risk Strategies’ sharp eye. Student health and wellness? Institutional risk management? Robust benefits programs for faculty and staff? Risk Strategies has been […]

Students Empowerment Creates Space for Students to Drive Their Own Education

Student empowerment is not a new idea in education. Sometimes, though, its practical application doesn’t evolve beyond cookie-cutter solutions that address the problem as superficially as crash diet plans and New Year’s resolutions. The best schools, the charter schools that earn Building Hope Impact Awards, demonstrate that they understand the Grand Canyon-sized void between student […]

Educational Innovation? Use Your Imagination & Integrate It!  

Everybody thinks charter schools are in the education business. They are really in the education innovation business. Unique methods of teaching form the core of the charter school movement. Successful schools find imaginative ways to intrigue, captivate and ultimately educate students. “Charter schools were created to innovate education,” said Les Harrison, an advisor at Jane […]