Education is Purple

As the Chief Marketing Officer, I’m tasked with creating shiny pitch lines like, “We build communities. We build schools. We build hope,” but what makes it so meaningful is that it is 100% true. I was a client before I signed on for the big show, and I would tell everyone within earshot that Building […]

IMPACT: The Metrics of the Heart

Impact is an inside job. In the non-profit and education worlds, there is increasing attention on measuring the success of our efforts in data as proof of impact. Serve 100 kids in 99% Free-and-Reduced-Lunch neighborhoods, and the equation that you are making an impact in their lives is undeniable. Data is important, as is an […]

Getting Back to Normal, Or Going Beyond?

Right now, amid the pandemic, the chorus of “get back to normal” is like a siren call to a past that we should no longer embrace. It has led us to the notion that we have to make a decision between the well-being and safety of our teachers and children vs. total economic collapse. That […]

New Educational Territory: Online Learning

Charter School Leaders share an independent spirit and the dogged belief that change is not only possible but also they have a way to make it happen. And they’ve been right. Time after time, innovation in education sprouts from the charter school sector. And now, more than ever, it’s time for charter schools to be […]