Why Building Hope?

Building Hope offers a range of solutions to help charter schools with their facility needs regardless of where they are in their facility acquisition process:

  • We can serve as a turnkey developer, a project manager, a lender; or we can provide free technical assistance whether or not we are involved in the design and build of a project
  • We provide incubator space to charter schools who are just starting up or who are established and are looking to expand
  • Finally, once a charter school is up and running, we provide a host of back office business services to support the school’s operations, academic, and communication needs

In addition to our comprehensive charter school solutions, this is what sets us apart:

We are Mission Driven

We are a non-profit organization founded in 2003 with the goal of doing one thing, improving the quality of education in the United States by building quality charter schools. Our focus is mission, not profits. That keeps us aligned with the values of the schools we serve and, ultimately, we hope, will increase under served children’s chance of success in life.

Our Experience

Building Hope has been supporting charter school education for over a decade. We have helped establish or improve hundreds of charter schools across the country, and provided direct loans and credit enhancements to support over $1 billion in school construction.

Our Value

Building Hope has a unique capital structure that allows us to provide flexible financing solutions to meet each school’s needs. We provide these funds at below market rates. Our priority is to save on facilities costs so more money can be spent on educating students.

Our Delivery Record

Building Hope is proud of our on time project delivery record. Not only do we complete our projects on time; we also complete the work under budget. These savings get passed on directly to the charter school, where they can be used to benefit educational programs.