Back-Office Business Services

Charter schools are a business whose primary service is to educate children. And, like other businesses, they are responsible for managing their back-office operations, including accounting, personnel and information technology. Some schools, especially start-ups, lack the staff and resources to perform these functions, so we provide these services for them at below-market rates. This allows the schools to direct more time and financial resources toward educating students.

Currently, our knowledgeable staff provides a variety of business services to more than 30 clients. These services include:

  • Finance and accounting: Select and implement accounting services; accounts payable; receipts and disbursements; preparation of annual budgets and financial statements; periodic regulatory filings.
  • Human resources: Staff compensation; benefit structure; payroll administration.
  • Compliance: Development of effective policies and procedures to support compliance with state and national requirements.
  • Operations: Development of employee handbook; policies and procedures; operational forms; materials.
  • Charter school application review.
  • Legal referrals.
  • Review project documents: Construction; architecture; engineering and budget management agreements; and assistance in drafting or redrafting such agreements.
  • Communication: Developing websites; email distribution systems; brochure development; school community surveys.

Services we coordinate with third-party providers:

  • Technology: Develop a technology plan (including E-rate funding analysis); design/installation of network infrastructure; hardware and software negotiations and procurement; develop/design student information reporting system; 24/7 tech support for students, teachers and administrators.
  • Facilities maintenance and repair: Building maintenance; nonstructural repairs; installation and maintenance of equipment and services.
  • Assistance with negotiating, drafting, restructuring and redrafting the following: contracts; letters of intent; conveyances; leases; subleases; financing documents and other related property transaction agreements.
  • Governance: Board formation, strategy, selection and training.
  • Academic: Assistance selecting and defining high-quality curriculum and curriculum materials.
  • Due diligence materials: Review of corporate, organization and property documents/materials—e.g., title, survey, environmental, zoning.

For charter schools in Florida we also offer a support program for the Florida Department of Education.  This program assists new and start-up charter schools in the areas of administration, curriculum, finance and governance. The program provides intensive and targeted support to new charter schools as they learn to navigate the boundaries of what a charter school is and can be.

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