Project Case Study
Ingenuity Prep Public Charter School
Project Description
Incubator Space
Washington, DC
Campus Opened
2013-14 School Year
Total Project Costs
$3.9 Million
Building Hope Investment
$3.6 Million
Project Size
22,500 sq. ft.

Incubator Space

Ingenuity Prep Public Charter School (Ingenuity Prep), the District’s first charter organized around blended-learning principles, opened its first campus in 2013 to serve 108 students in PreK through kindergarten at an incubator space located at PR Harris, an education center in Southeast Washington, DC.

In 2014, Ingenuity Prep received authorization to increase it student population and needed more space to do so.

The Charter School Incubator Initiative (CSII) was able to acquire an additional 14,600 square feet at PR Harris for Ingenuity Prep to lease. Improvements to the additional space cost $3.6 million and was done in two phases, resulting in cumulative space of 22,500 square feet to accommodate 319 students in PreK through second grade.

In 2016, the District of Columbia offered the PR Harris facility two charter schools. This will allow Ingenuity Prep to continue to expand in the facility by a grade level a year. At full capacity Ingenuity Prep is expected to serve 778 students in PreK through eighth grade.