Project Case Study
District of Columbia International Charter School
Project Description
Incubator Space
Washington, DC
Campus Opened
2014-15 School Year
Total Project Costs
$50 Million
Building Hope Investment
$949,000 Loan
Project Size
35,000 sq. ft. New Construction / 130,000 sq. ft. Renovation

Incubator Space

In winter 2012, the District of Columbia International School’s (DCI) charter was approved to offer middle and high school students a multi-lingual and culturally-advanced curriculum.

The Charter School Incubator Initiative (CSII) – -a partnership with the Office of the State Superintendent of Education and Building Hope –  leveraged their resources and project management expertise in order to help DCI with not only the acquisition of a permanent long-term space, but also a temporary transitional space.

The CSII started their work with DCI by securing a short-term transitional space in North West, Washington, DC to accommodate the school’s enrolled students temporarily.  The CSII then provided services to assist DCI in their application process for the Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) campus. The WRAMC project involves full renovation of its 130,000 square feet interior, and 35,000 of new construction, into a modern school building.

The school’s application was accepted, and the project will provide a state-of-the-art, sustainable educational facility dedicated to the potential 1,450 students of DCI once completed.  DCI is currently serving 400 students on sixth and seventh grade, and is planning to add a grade each year until they graduate their first seniors in 2020.