Project Case Study
Carpe Diem Learning Systems
Project Description
Turnkey Facility Development
San Antonio, TX
Campus Opened
2015-16 School Year
Total Project Costs
$7.2 Million
Building Hope Investment
Project Size
43,000 sq. ft. New Construction
Lease Terms
Ten years with two, 5 year options

Turnkey Facility Development

Carpe Diem Learning Systems (CDLS) is a renowned network of highly-performing charter schools with operations in Arizona, Indiana, and Ohio.

CDLS was seeking to expand into the San Antonio, Texas charter school market and partnered with the non-profit Learning Schools of Texas (LST) who agreed to enact the Carpe Diem educational model in their new facility.

LST identified a vacant lot in San Antonio in November 2014.  Building Hope, in partnership with the Charter School Development Corp, purchased and developed the property with Bouma USA serving as the general contractor.

The 43,000 square foot educational facility for Learning Schools of Texas opened in September 2015 with 300 students.  The Carpe Diem Learning Systems’ long-term plan is to build four more CDLS charter schools in the San Antonio market.